Bonsai Trees- More Than A House Plant.

The bonsai tree and the history behind the metaphysical properties they hold originated in China, but the phenomenon was later brought by a Buddhist monk to Japan, who soon adopted the practices into their own culture. In ancient China, the purpose of the bonsai was to re-create nature in a pot to capture the spirit of the two Chinese cosmic energies; the Yin and the Yang. It was used as a meditation object in the practice of being zen; the practice of promoting freedom of thought and the natural flow of balancing energies. In both cultures today, they are not just a plant, but considered a delicate piece of living art, and are to be treated as sacred. According to Japanese custom, these trees are a reminder of ancient traditions and history and embody the core values by which the Japanese live their lives; patience, simplicity, and balance.

In general, house plants are proven to clean the air in your home, boost productivity, and even promote better sleep, bonsai trees not only provide all of these qualities but also, it is said that they manifest good fortune and harmony into the lives of whoever looks after them. Interestingly enough, each type of bonsai tree has its own deeper meaning and emits its own energy, or aura, which carefully corresponds to the unique architecture of each tree. Different trees, and the energy they give off, resonate with some more than others, and the process of finding which tree you connect with the most can be a truly beautiful and exciting journey. In this blog, we are going to describe the special significance of the five bonsai trees we have here at Awesome Bonsai to provide a deeper understanding of how truly special these trees can be so that one day, you will be able to find the tree that is perfect for you. 

Hawaiian Umbrella  

The Hawaiian Umbrella is said to attract wealth, positivity, and protection to the residents of its home. If you take a look at the photo below, you will notice the drooping, U-shaped nature of the leaves which resemble fingers to some, and or umbrellas to others. The fingers “capture” positive energy and wealth and bring them into your life. The umbrella shape brings an aspect of protection and safety into your home, and the leaves double as a protective layer to the tree itself, so it’s kinda a win-win. 


Dwarf Jade

The Dwarf Jade is a token of positive vibrations and prosperity that attracts good luck into your life. The energy is said to flow from the green leaves on the tree into you, awakening the opportunity of self-growth and renewal. Also known as the “friendship plant”, the jade bonsai brings strength, health, and purity to those it is gifted too. This bonsai is also a common element of the Feng Shui practice and is considered a perfect gift for those who have an office or own a business because if one places the tree by the entrance, or according to Feng Shui etiquette, specifically in the southeast corner of the space, it will bring in success and fortune.    

Ginseng Ficus 

The Ginseng Ficus bonsai is the tree of cheer, positivity, and new beginnings. This tree is a perfect gift for a loved one who is going through a rough patch, dealing with a mental illness, or someone who is beginning a new chapter of their life, making them perfect gifts for newlyweds, recent hires, new parents, etc. The ficus is said to reduce sadness and attract an abundance of happiness and harmony to those who look after it.

Brush Cherry 

The brush cherry has a few different meanings, some interpret the symbolism one way, and others welcome all the different meanings, it really just depends on what speaks to your soul. As mentioned in the description of our awesome brush cherry bonsai, if all goes right, in the spring you’ll see small white flowers followed by red fruit sprouting from the tree. These flowers are delicate and short-lived, symbolizing mindfulness and mortality. They are a reminder to live to the fullest and to be present because nothing is forever and nothing is certain. This short cycle of blooming can also be seen as a new beginning and an omen that welcomes renewal and rebirth. Lastly, in Japanese culture, a flowering bonsai is typically seen as a symbol of femininity, signifying female power, dominance, and beauty. The brush cherry makes a great gift for all, whether you or a loved one is transitioning into a new stage of their life, or if they simply need a reminder of how special they are and how beautiful everyday life can be. 

Money Tree 

The money tree, as you could probably guess, is an emblem of wealth and a magnet of money and good fortune. The money tree plant was originated in China and there is an old Chinese legend, back from the era of the Han Dynasty which we found to be an interesting note on the history of this bonsai. The legend is derived from the Sun Tree myth, which we linked here if you have an interest in learning more, and its association with paradise and the divine afterlife. This legend says that the coins (leaves) on the money tree are a material object in this world that links us to this paradise and has the power to bring the owner to a divine afterlife, full of everything they could ever wish for. For those who have different beliefs or are simply not interested in mythology, tradition also believes that the braided nature of the trunk that some of these trees have, traps the wealth and upon touching one of the leaves, you will be brought prosperity, good fortune, and wealth. This bonsai also has the unique characteristic of having exactly five leaves on each of its stocks which represent the five elements; water, fire, wind, earth, and metal. Something cool about purchasing a money tree is that if you find that yours has more than five leaves sprouting from its stock, it is not only considered to be very rare but it is also said to bring boundless amounts of wealth to its owner. It is kind of like finding a four-leaf clover in the grass. These trees are a very popular gift for those who have or work in business and similarly to the dwarf jade, should be placed near the entrance or southeast corner of the room for optimal Feng Shui benefits.

Now that we have told you all about the unique properties each of these trees hold, you may be wondering to yourself, well how do I find the tree that speaks to me? This journey is different for everyone, more spiritual for some than others, it all depends on what you believe and what it is you are truly looking for. If you believe in the magical properties of these plants, by finding the right tree, it is believed that you can harness its energy and through nurturing and caring for your plant. Some say that there are certain trees that call to you and that you will immediately just know which tree is meant to be in your life. In order to do this, we suggest you take the physical aspects off the table and spend some time reflecting on what it is you are looking for this tree to bring into your or if it is a gift, someone else's life. However, If you are simply looking for a beautiful piece of living art, picking the tree that you want boils down to which tree you find most visually appealing. At the end of the day, no matter which bonsai path you chose to take, we hope that we were able to show you that bonsai are much more than a house plant, but a living entity packed with history, tradition and beauty, unlike any other.