The Top 5 Benefits of Bonsai

First of all, and probably most importantly, it’s impossible to be sad when you’re around a Bonsai Tree. 

Feel free to try, but all you’re going to be is sad that you can’t stop feeling so happy when you’re near a piece of living art in a tiny pot. Bonsai boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity, so if they came in pill form they’d cost twelve billion dollars each without free shipping (our shipping is free by the way).

If there’s a room in your house or a space in your office that doesn’t immediately look fourteen thousand times better with a Bonsai tree in it, it’s time to burn the place down. 

It could be haunted, it might be built on a cursed burial ground, it might be in Ohio, but rest assured, something is very bad and it’s time to leave. 


If you’ve ever owned a pet or a kid or a dry-clean only sweater and managed not to destroy them (physically), you can keep a Bonsai Tree alive. 


It all comes down to Light & Water.  And if things go wrong, it’s either too little light, too much light, too little water or too much water.   You got this.  I believe in you.  I always have.

Bonsai are art that’s ALIVE, and Art stimulates the imagination. 

Art opens the heart and mind to possibilities and fuels the imagination.

Art makes you more observant.

Art enhances problem-solving skills.

Art boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Art reduces stress.

Art is good.  Bonsai are good. Blog writing is difficult.

The world’s oldest Bonsai is 1,000 year’s old and the world’s oldest dog lived to 29, so, if you’re a companionship value shopper, have I got some great news for you 

PLUS, if you so choose, Bonsai can become a hobby, and hobbies encourage you to take a break, offer new challenges and experiences, allow you to explore yourself and your talents and help flesh out your online dating profile.


I think you should probably maybe buy one?  Perhaps HERE, for example?