Why Awesome Bonsai For Christmas?

Sure, bonsai trees have a reputation of being hard to care for and keep alive, so why would anyone want to receive one for a gift? The constant watering, pruning, feeding, etc…. Sounds like gifting someone a pet that they did not ask for… no thank you. Well, we are called Awesome Bonsai for nothing, our bonsai trees are specifically selected and grown so that they require just about bare minimum of care making them the perfect gifts for any loved one. In this blog, we are going to present you with 5 reasons as to why our bonsai would make a great gift this holiday season.

  1.  A gift that keeps on giving! Bonsai trees will bring your loved one a gift that will last way longer than any food, drink, or even clothing that you could gift them. With the right care, these trees can even outlive their owners and become a tradition passed through generations of families something that, no offense grandma, that sweater you are planning to knit me, will not do.  
  2. They are super easy to take care of! Our beginning trees are a gift that require minimal attentional and time but are timelessly beautiful. You can gift an Awesome Bonsai to just about anyone without having to worry whether or not they will be able to experience all their tree has to offer. It is as easy as pie… well actually it is a whole lot easier! Most of our bonsai require just to be watered, nothing more complicated than that. They also make an easy go-to gift especially if you are in need of a present for someone in your life you may not be super close with, like a boss at work or in law. The versatility and beauty of the plant make bonsai trees make them a gift that is hard to hate. 
  3. Bonsai trees are very versatile and classic. A bonsai tree will fit in anywhere you put it; an office, kitchen, living room. Bedroom etc. the opportunities are endless. They are beautiful but not overpowering so no matter where you place your tree, it wont take away from your room aesthetic but add a natural, peaceful element that all can enjoy. Plus, our miniature bonsai can fit in just about any room of any size without overtaking the space. 
  4. Bonsai trees can be a personalized gift. If you look at our previous blog, we talk about all of the different auras that different bonsai trees have and what they symbolize. You can choose the perfect tree with the perfect message for any loved one so that they have a tree specific for their lives. Owners can also jazz up their tree with different accessories like pots, stones, or even ornaments for the holiday seasons. A bonsai is a truly unique gifts that emanates all the best qualities of whomever it is gifted to. 
  5. Gifting a bonsai tree opens up new possibilities for those they are gifted to. There is a whole community around bonsai trees that, by just owning one, you are welcomed into. Things like chat rooms, classes, meditation and other zen practices are just a few of the things that a bonsai owner can get into after receiving a tree. By gifting a bonsai you could very possibly be opening up a whole new world of opportunities and maybe a new favorite hobby for the ones you love.