No-Hassle Returns

Our 100% Guarantee & Returns

Awesome Bonsai has partnered with a nursery that's sold tens of thousands of Bonsai trees and accessories since 1987, and nothing is more important to either of us than our products, our reputation and our customer’s satisfaction.

It’s because of this commitment to our customer’s happiness that we offer a variety of Satisfaction Guarantees on all items purchased from Awesome Bonsai.

  • We guarantee all Bonsai for 30 days and we can guarantee that the tree will ship healthy, but weather and shipping services can have an impact on the condition your Bonsai arrives in. If there are any issues upon your tree’s arrival, PLEASE contact us immediately so we can intervene and do everything we can to save the Bonsai.

We spare no effort in seeing your bonsai tree shipped with the best possible chance of reaching you alive and well. Prior to shipment, we will:

  • Water your bonsai. It is thoroughly watered to ensure it has plenty of moisture during transit.
  • Secure your bonsai. The pot is securely wrapped and taped up, both to protect the tree as well as to help hold in moisture.
  • Package your bonsai. We ship our bonsai trees in large corrugated boxes that leave room for the tree on all sides.
  • Add extra security. Unless we feel it will potentially harm a fragile tree, we add packing peanuts around the tree. This provides shock protection, as well as helping to insulate it during shipment

If you should ever receive a tree Awesome Bonsai that’s been damaged or appears sick upon opening the box, we’ll do whatever it takes to make the situation right. Take a picture of the damage, and contact our customer service ( If necessary, we will replace the tree, the pot, or any other damage done. It is vital you do this immediately. For the best customer service, please do not wait to contact us if the tree, its pot, or other items are damaged upon receipt